YAMAHA Upgrade Bonus Scheme 2017

YAMAHA Upgrade Bonus Scheme 2017

YAMAHA Upgrade Bonus Scheme 2017

A Yamaha piano is the ultimate investment in your family’s musical future. A regular feature of the great concert stages of the world for more than 100 years, these beautiful instruments also bring music, learning and joy into the home.  But piano ownership isn’t always practical when the family gets together in one room, or if you live close to neighbors in a flat or apartment.

The answer is Yamaha Silent and TransAcoustic pianos – real acoustic pianos that harness innovative Yamaha technology to create a new breed of instruments: Pianos for modern living.

Offer available on selected Silent and TransAcoustic models purchased between September 1st 2017 and January 15th 2018.

How the Yamaha Upgrade Bonus works?

Trade in ANY acoustic or digital piano* against the purchase of a new Yamaha Silent or TransAcoustic piano at an authorised Yamaha Piano dealer and Yamaha will provide up to an Upgrade Bonus of up to £1325 IN ADDITION to the trade in allowance offered by the dealer.

The Offer is still available! Contact us now for details.

Yamaha Silent Pianos

Combining the best of acoustic and digital pianos, a Yamaha Silent Piano™ can be played conventionally or silently through headphones. When one activates the silent function, the hammers no longer hit the strings. Instead, a highly sophisticated sensor-technology captures all movements of the keys. Then it sends them to a digital tone module packed with extraordinarily faithful recreations of piano and other instrument sounds. The result is a real acoustic piano that can be played at any time without disturbing others. Moreover, it  and connects you piano to the latest apps for an expanded range of performance and learning options.

See our Yamaha silent pianos here.

Yamaha TransAcoustic Pianos

Building on the features of the Silent Piano™, TransAcoustic™ is a real acoustic piano with a volume control. Your instrument won’t require external speakers as the soundboard becomes a loudspeaker itself. It also enables conventional acoustic playing, silent rehearsal through headphones, or performance at any volume level.

See our Yamaha TransAcoustic pianos here.



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