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We Are a Family-Run Piano Restoration Company in London

Are you looking for a reliable Piano Restoration Company to restore more than six thousand parts in your Upright Piano?

Does your Grand Piano with more than nine thousand parts need to be cared for by a skilled Piano Restoration team?

How much does it cost to have Piano Restoration work done?

Piano Restoration London

With piano restoration forming part of our everyday business, it breaks our hearts here at A. Hanna & Sons Pianos when we come across articles such as this one by Classic FM: “16 Haunting Pictures of Broken, Abandoned Pianos”.

The article displays a series of photos from around the world of many different pianos that would have once played beautiful music and brought joy to many players. Now they lie broken and battered, unplayable and destitute of any musical purpose. Such pictures and stories are what spurn us on here at Hanna Pianos to restore a piano to its original condition, and we often surpass it!

Every piano has a history, and a story to be told, and if you want your piano to continue telling its story much care is needed for each one of the many thousands of parts within the piano. Our job and our commitment are to inspect, regulate, clean and refurbish to perfection (or replace if necessary) all the individual piano parts to achieve the perfect piano restoration. Our services cover both upright piano restoration as well as grand piano restoration.

If you are interested in restoring your beloved piano to its former glory, please give us a call so we can arrange for one of our technicians to come and assess the piano. We will then be able to advise you on the current condition of your piano, the work required, and the associated costs. You may require anything from a minor repair to a major restoration of the instrument.

The piano can be divided into four main areas:

  • The action mechanism; includes all the hammer-heads, shanks and butts, levers, jacks, damper levers, centre pins, felts, springs, etc.
  • The keyboard; the white and black keys, the keyframe, bushings and baizes.
  • The acoustic part of the piano; includes the iron frame, the strings, tuning pins, soundboard, soundboard bridges and the wrest plank.
  • The case; external body of the piano.

No piano work is too small or too big for us. We have a team of experts in the field, and you are very welcome to visit us and tour the on-site workshop to see our current restoration and repair projects before discussing your requirements.

We also have a selection of pianos in our showroom that have been completely rebuilt which you can see, hear and feel the touch of when you visit us. At our workshop, we use the best quality Piano Parts in order to get the best results on every piano we restore.

Visiting our piano workshop is by appointment only so please CALL US beforehand so we can book a time and date in the diary for you.

See Some Samples of our Piano Restoration Work Below:

C. Bechstein Concert GrandC. Bechstein Grand Piano

This C. Bechstein 6ft 8″ was originally made in Berlin pre-1900. Since its restoration at our workshop, it is now the centrepiece of our Wimbledon showroom. We completely rebuilt the inside and created a new mechanism, specially designed for this piano in our piano shop in London. The casework has also been completely re-polished in hand-finished shellac.

Before Restoration

Richard Lipp and Sons - before

Richard Lipp and Sons - before 1
Richard Lipp and Sons - before 2

During Restoration  

Richard Lipp and Sons - during
Richard Lipp and Sons - during 1
piano restoration

After Restoration  

Richard Lipp and Sons - after
Richard Lipp and Sons - after 1
Richard Lipp and Sons - after 2

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