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Tozer Solo 5012 Hydraulic Adjustable Piano Stool

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Product Summary

The Tozer Solo 5012 Hydraulic Adjustable Piano Stool is a steel legged hydraulic adjustable piano stool in black with a black vinyl or black dralon top.  A modern looking and stylish metal stool that can be adjusted in height using a hydraulic rise and fall mechanism, suitable for home or educational use.  Handmade in Italy, this has many cheaper and less well made copies around, this is the original, and best quality.

  • Available to order to specification, please get in touch for more details.
  • A variety of different colours and finishes available, including upholstery materials.
  • Custom manufactured in Italy to order in 14 - 21 days.


Product Description

Tozer Solo 5012 Hydraulic Adjustable Piano Stool

The Tozer  Solo 5012 Hydraulic Adjustable Piano Stool is a modern looking metal stool with hydraulic rise and fall. Using the latest technology, this compact, stylish and incredibly easy to use stool adjusts using hydraulics.  Available in a variety of different colours and finishes, please get in touch for further details.

With a fearsome and long established reputation for top quality, Tozer 2 1 make some of the very best piano stools in Europe.  Known for their high quality and luxurious eye for design all piano stools are manufactured to the very highest standards  in Italy, and comply with all current EEC safety regulations.  Tozer piano stools are now owned by well regarded British brand Fletcher & Newman.  In 2003 Fletcher & Newman moved production of Tozer stools to their Italian factory in Barlassina.  Tozer piano stools are currently the first choice of all serious musicians including many top professionals.  The Tozer 2 1 5012 Hydro Piano stool 3 is a duet piano stool with a box for music accessed by a framed wooden top. It is delivered flat packed with detachable legs, and is very easy to assemble.

Tozer stools are made to order, therefore, if you are interested in one, please click on 'MAKE AN ENQUIRY' to further discuss the specifications and details you desire.  Alternatively, you can email us at sales@hannapianos.com, or get in touch through any of the contact forms on our website.

Please don't hesitate to give us a call to discuss different variations of this package as here at A. Hanna & Sons Pianos Ltd 4as a family business 5 we always strive to offer the best possible service to our customers.

Tozer Solo 5012 Piano Stool Specifications:

  • Width: 33cm (13")
  • Length: 66cm (26")
  • Height: 45 - 58cm (17 3/4" - 22 3/4")


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