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Ritmüller Superior RS-130 Upright Piano

Price: £5,499.00

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Product Summary

The Ritmüller Superior RS-130 is a performance instrument designed for those who demand the highest standards of tone, touch, and durability. You buy a Ritmüller Piano if you are looking for a quality sound with an elegant design that will last for generations. Made by the Pearl River Piano Group, Ritmüller pianos have a fearsome reputation for fantastic value for money.

Price Includes:

  • FREE delivery to ground floor (5 miles radius of SW19 1LA)
  • 5 year guarantee
  • FREE first tuning (four weeks after delivery)

Product Description

Ritmüller Superior RS-130

The Ritmüller Superior RS-130 is the perfect choice for discerning music lovers. It is the largest of the upright pianos available in the Ritmüller RS Superior Line.

This piano has a distinctly European feel, made to traditional European standards for improved flexibility and a powerful sound. The high-quality components of the Ritmüller Superior RS-130 include soundboards from select spruce, as well as German strings and hammer felts.

The RS series offers excellent sound quality and tuning stability. These pianos are suitable for anyone with high expectations for acoustic performance and playability.

Includes soft close fall (key lid).

Dimensions: W150 x H130 x D63cm
Weight: 265kg
Finish: High Gloss
Colour: Ebony Polish with chrome fittings
Pedals: 3
Keys: 88

About Ritmüller RS-130 Pianos

The Ritmüller Superior RS-130 is the largest of the upright pianos in the mid-range Ritmüller RS Line made by the world's largest piano manufacturer, Pearl River 1.

The Ritmüller full sound range is even and consistent, with a bright treble, a full tenor, and a rich base. They have an even and sensitive touch, providing you with a perfect performance.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional musician, Ritmüller pianos make an excellent choice.


Ritmüller has established itself as a class-leading range of upright and grand pianos. They make careful selections of materials and use the latest production processes. Attention to detail on each piano is second to none, and they don't use any outsourcing in their piano production. This full control over the manufacturing process ensures a consistently high-quality piano.

High-Quality Materials

Ritmüller uses seasoned hardwoods of the highest quality for each application in every piano. They make Grand Piano rims from walnut, a dense hardwood. The result is a warmer, richer tone that sustains for longer. They use rock maple to craft the bridges and pin-blocks, and close-grained, high-quality northern spruce to create specially engineered soundboards. Using high-quality wood creates a superior quality musical instrument that will last a lifetime.

Top Class Soundboard

Pearl River soundboards use 100% close-grained high altitude northern spruce. A solid spruce core ensures maximum transference of energy across the soundboard. As a result, the solid spruce core brings a lively tone and responsiveness which is normally only associated with top-class piano manufacturers.

Each face of the solid spruce soundboard also has an offset thin epidermal layer of spruce. This helps prevent the fear of cracking associated with some older pianos. Extreme climates or centrally heated homes lacking humidity control can cause this. Unlike many other entry-level new pianos, Pearl River soundboards resist this cracking and maintain a beautiful tone throughout the life of the piano.

Better Tuning

Pearl River uses cut-thread tuning pins, which provide more precision and control to the piano technician. This allows for better and longer-lasting tuning. Likewise, the use of high-quality German piano wire also gives a clear tone and tuning stability. They copper wind the bass strings using the latest machines regulated to precise tolerances. This ensures clear and resonant bass registers.

High-Quality Finish

For the finish, ‘static UV application' gives the pianos a more durable and fade-resistant topcoat. Repeated sanding and buffing by machines in environmentally controlled conditions ensure the highest quality finish for the entire cabinet.

Product Attributes

  • Colour: Ebony Polish


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