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Piattino Caster Cups - Upright Piano Set

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Product Variants

  • Piattino Caster Cups - Upright Piano Set - Brass (#3722)
  • Piattino Caster Cups - Upright Piano Set - Nickel (#3723)

Product Summary

Piattino caster cups are designed to reduce piano noise by putting an acoustic break between the piano castors and the floor.

  • Inner diameter: 67.50 mm
  • Inner depth: 28 mm
  • Outer diameter: 99 mm
  • Material: Brass

Product Description

Piattino Upright Piano Caster Cups Set - UK

Piano Noise Reduction with Piattino Upright Piano Caster Cups

Piattino Upright Piano Caster Cups are designed by German experts to reduce piano noise. They accomplished this by putting an acoustic break between the piano and the building.  In Germany, the majority of people live in close proximity to others, and therefore need to reduce the noise impact of piano playing on neighbors. These caster cups are the most effective item on the market. That's because they cut down on the direct vibration transmission from the piano to the floor of the building. Piano Forte is the official importer and North American source for Piattino caster cups from Germany.

Piano Accoustic Sound Proofing

Piattino Upright Piano Caster Cups' design allows to fit 1½” of acoustic insulating material between the legs of a piano and the floor. However, the cups lift the piano off the floor by only  ½” due to their special cup shape design. This is important to maintain the correct height of the keys and the pedals from the floor.

How your piano's sound travels through your neighbours suite

Just as heat, sound also travels in different ways. In a building sound travels through the air and along ducts or under doors. Although sound in a room can carry through walls and floors the main culprit is the direct transmission of vibration energy. The entire piano is resonating while someone is playing. The weight of the instrument on the floor makes for an excellent transmission of vibrations into the floor.  which is essentially the ceiling of the rooms below. The amount of physical vibration transmitted by the piano through the case and the casters into the floor and the rooms below is substantial. That is why nearly all sound complaints stem from the downstairs neighbour, and not from upstairs.

Acoustic Insulation

Piattino Upright Piano Caster Cups Set reduce the direct vibrations between the piano and the floor. Note that these caster cups do not diminish the sound of the piano in the room itself. A portion of the noise in your neighbour's room  is surely coming from the sound waves in the air radiating out from the piano.

However, these may be hard to dampen short of putting thick wall to wall carpeting down. Fitting foam blocks on the underside of the grand piano it's not nearly as efficient. There is often a psychological component to a neighbour's annoyance caused by piano playing. Taking neighbors' concerns seriously, researching solutions and making the substantial investment in the best acoustical caster cups available often goes a long way toward easing a situation. It is undoubtedly a sincere sign of goodwill. One that will hopefully be reciprocated by neighbors in the form of reasonable acceptance of occasional piano playing.

We offer Piattino Caster Cups for Grand pianos 1 as well.

Product Attributes

  • Dimensions: 10 × 10 × 19 cm
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Finish: Brass, Nickel

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 Piattino Castor Cups 2 


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