Ritmüller Pianos

Ritmüller Pianos for Sale from Hanna Pianos

Coming from Germany in 1795 Ritmüller pianos are made today by the world’s largest piano maker “Pearl River” in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou. Hanna Pianos are proud to be a UK outlet to showcase featured pianos manufactured by Pearl River, which is renowned worldwide as China’s leading pioneer for acoustic and digital piano quality, production technology and they are great value for money.

Come and view the collection of pianos we currently have in stock and hear for yourself the artistic excellence of these uprights and grand pianos that perform admirably on every level.

All pianos here at our South West London showroom can be delivered UK wide to provide you with a perfect performance and choice for both beginner and professional musicians.

Ritmüller grand and upright pianos can be fitted with silent systems at our piano workshop in Wimbledon.

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