Pre-Owned Pianos

Pre-Owned Pianos

Unlike most pre-owned products, pre-owned pianos are still excellent instruments with plenty of musical life and years to offer. Here at A. Hanna & Sons Pianos we offer a range of pre-owned pianos which have been refurbished, renovated and reconditioned either by us or the manufacturer, so they completely operational and play very well.

Despite appearances, when it comes to performance pre-owned pianos can be just as good as a brand new ones,  plus they are much more affordable.

Some of our pre-owned pianos are antiques and more than a 100 years old: brought ‘back to life’ by our expert technicians in the workshop with full internal restoration and external casework re-polishing. So whether you are looking for a piano with a decorated history, or perhaps just a more affordable modern instrument, our range of pre-owned pianos might be just what you are looking for.

With the support of our full workshop on site at our South Wimbledon showroom, we are committed to personally inspecting, regulating, cleaning and refurbishing to as-new quality (or replacing if necessary) all of the many thousands of piano parts in order to achieve the perfect piano restoration for each instrument. Our restoration services cover all sizes of piano both upright and grand, and we consider all restoration projects no matter the make, model or amount of restoration required.

You can find out more about our restoration work here.

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