Pre-Owned Pianos

Pre-Owned Pianos

Unlike most pre-owned products, pre-owned pianos are not necessarily bad pianos. Here at A. Hanna and Sons Pianos we offer a range of pre-owned pianos which have been refurbished, renovated and are completely operational. Despite appearances, when it comes to performance second hand pianos can be just as good as a brand new ones. What’s more they are much more affordable. Some of our pianos are antiques which are more than a century years old. If you are looking for a piano with a history or just a more affordable modern instrument, our range of pre-owned pianos might be just what you are looking for.

We commit to inspect, regulate, clean and refurbish to perfection or replace if necessary all of the thousands of piano parts in order to  achieve the perfect piano restoration. Our services cover both upright piano restoration as well as grand piano restoration.

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