Yamaha TransAcoustic Pianos

Yamaha TransAcoustic Pianos

TransAcoustic™ is the name we have given to a new breed of piano. At its most basic level, it turns the soundboard into a “loudspeaker.” This means that Yamaha TransAcoustic Pianos can deliver any sound can through this naturally resonant piano component.

Because the instrument is a real, fully strung and resonant piano, the natural, sympathetic vibrations of the soundboard, case and, significantly, strings, add a completely new dimension to performance. The sampled sounds come to life with a brilliant realism no other instrument has approached.


Most importantly, a TransAcoustic™ model is an acoustic piano with all the benefits you would expect from a Yamaha piano. Nearly all components are produced in-house; therefore we guarantee high-level play ability, long lasting durability and a beautiful sound when the hammers strike the strings. The string vibrations are transmitted via the bridges to the solid-wood soundboard which is then set into motion and produces the sound.

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