Yamaha Silent Pianos

Yamaha Silent Pianos : the best of both Acoustic and Digital

Yamaha Silent pianos combines a beautiful acoustic piano, built with the knowledge and skills of over 100 years Yamaha piano history and leading Silent Piano technology to enable the piano to be played silently using headphones.
The Yamaha Silent System is unsurpassed, allowing 24hr practice as well as possessing many other features including a range of pre-installed sounds, being able to record your own performances or connecting mobile devices to use the latest Apps. When the silent function is activated, the hammers will no longer hit the strings and instead, a highly sophisticated sensor-technology captures all movements of the keys and sends them to the digital tone module. Play a real acoustic piano with headphones at any time, day or night without being disturbed or disturbing others.

Yamaha, the world’s leading provider of sound muting technology offers two Silent Piano systems in the range, each with different levels of operation and quality of sound available when in silent mode.

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