Bentley Pianos

Bentley Pianos for Sale in Wimbledon London from Hanna Pianos

Bentley Pianos ar a good quality upright piano made in the award winning Pearl River factory in China. Built on European traditions and containing high quality woods and action parts and available to by now from Hanna Pianos who have have showrooms in Wimbledon London and delivering all over the UK and beyond.

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Bentley Upright Pianos Made Exclusively by Pearl River in China

The Bentley is an upright piano made exclusively by Pearl River, one of the World’s largest piano makers and China’s leading factory. Over 50 years experience has resulted in the highest quality pianos at affordable prices available today.

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Some will say there are very few pianos that are worth anything at all these days, but don’t let anyone at the Piano Showroom of Hanna Pianos hear you say that when they invite you to come and hear some of the finest Upright Pianos that carry the Bentley brand. At the beginning of the 20th century, every home had a piano, and the sound of one filtering through the rooms of the family home with the music bringing happiness to family life. There are many great pianists in the world today playing  piano providing a ready made opportunity to perform. Performing are people young and old that make a Piano like the Bentley come to life, providing both melody and harmony, being played solo or with accompaniment. Bring your Piano Skills to our London Showroom and tinkle the ivories of a Bently Piano, or consider taking lessons with us, because if practised regularly, it builds confidence – which, as we all know, is crucial for success in all walks of life.

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