Acoustic Pianos

Acoustic Pianos for Sale – Wide Range of Upright and Grand Pianos

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At Hanna Pianos in London we stock traditional upright and grand acoustic pianos from major piano makers such as Yamaha, Bentley and Ritmuller. We also stock some the Yamaha Disklavier – cutting edge technology self-playing grand pianos with digital interface allowing numerous features including recording, playback, metronome, playing different pieces and more.

You might want to come and visit our piano showroom  located in Wimbledon and we would look forward to welcoming you into our world where we talk piano brands, and put special emphasis on the very best pianos and why we tend to stock those brand names. Whether you are a pianist beginner or an established piano player you will have an ear for the particular sound you could be looking for, and you will want a piano that is flexible and versatile. You can put all that to the test if you come and visit us to make your next piano purchase.

Visit Hanna Pianos online or in-store and you won’t be disappointed by our knowledge of pianos the high level of customer care we can offer.

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