Piattino Castor Cups

Piattino Castor Cups

Piattino Castor Cups are designed by German experts to reduce piano noise. They accomplished this by putting an acoustic break between the piano’s legs and the building. In big cities the majority of people live in close proximity to others, and therefore need to reduce the noise impact of piano playing on neighbors. Noise reduction has become a viral topic in London, as the population increases. These caster cups are the most effective item on the market because they cut down on the direct vibration transmission from the piano to the floor of the building but do not hinder the sound in the room.

Please choose from the 2 sizes of cups – Upright(small) and Grand (big). Please note that small size cups might be suitable for grand pianos with small wheels. Please also note that the prices shown below are for a set. If you need to buy individually, please contact us.

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