Piano Stools & Benches

Piano Stools & Benches

Piano stools & benches from the basic X bench to luxury & bespoke concert grand piano stools by top manufacturers sold here at A. Hanna & Sons pianos.

All products are supplied from trusted manufacturers like Tozer, Yamaha, CGM and Stagg. While the stools & benches are suitable for all kinds of acoustic & digital / electric pianos, some items are particularly suitable for certain brands. We also supply ‘Duet’ stools-designed for piano teachers and students during lessons.

Most piano stools & benches have adjustable height as it is vital for having a proper posture. By adjusting the height of the seat pad, you can make sure that your elbows are aligned with the keyboard which will help you avoid unnecessary tension. An adjustable height piano stool or bench would also help your back and ensure that you reach the whole keyboard and the pedals comfortably. For the little pianist we also offer piano pedal extenders.

We also provide the service of custom made piano stools & benches, to match the colour and the finish of your piano when it is necessary. we could also match the design of the piano legs.  Please call our team on 020 8540 5541 to explane and how we can proceed.


Have been producing seating for musicians – particularly piano stools and benches for over thirty years.

C.G.M. was founded in 1979 by Giuseppe Corengia, on new premises at Mariano Comense, in the province of Como.

Their aim has always been to offer reliable products with an excellent quality/price ratio.
Attention to the market’s needs, on-going investment in technology, and constant product innovation have placed us among the leaders of the sector.

Our articles are exported all over the world, and fully satisfy our customer’s varying demands and requirements, such as the style of bench or stool and the type of finish.

To ensure the increased satisfaction of both existing and future customers, we intend to continue our traditional approach to business with enthusiasm.


Quality piano stools made by Tozer or supplied by Tozer in a range of woods, fabrics and finishes. All piano stools are manufactured to the very highest standards and comply with all current EEC safety regulations.

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