Piano Buyers Guide ~ Yamaha

Piano Buyers Guide ~ Yamaha

Hanna Pianos Ltd are very proud to offer this FREE Yamaha Acoustic Piano Buying Guide. The guide has been designed in collaboration with Yamaha’s Management and a whole host of customers and artists from around the globe.

Beginning with Yamaha’s history and their factory details, Hanna Pianos and Yamaha will take you on a 100 year journey of innovation, and how the pianos come into their musical fruition. Later, the guide will introduce several of their ranges, from the very popular ‘b-series’, ‘P-series’ and ‘U-series’, all the way to the ‘SE’ and ‘SU’ pianos, finishing with the amazing Silent Piano, TransAcoustic and diskclavier ranges.

Here at Hanna Pianos, we are interested in helping those budding-musicians who wish to play piano. Beginners and piano-aficionados who require a little advice to ensure the right product is at the right price, and is perfect for the player to begin and continue their musical journey. We have pianos you can view, listen to and play in our showroom in South Wimbledon, so please do call us to book an appointment and lets work together to add all we can to your musical journey.

Call today on: 020 8540 5541 and remember this wonderful Plato quote….!

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

Full Guide Can Be Viewed Here: https://tinyurl.com/HannaPianosLtdYamaha


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