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CGM Piano Stools

C.G.M. was founded in 1979 and has been making quality CGM Piano Stools and benches ever since. Their aim has always been to offer reliable products with an excellent quality to price ratio and their attention to the market’s needs, on-going investment in technology, and constant product innovation have placed them among the leaders of the sector. The various operations – cutting the wooden boards, preparing the semi-finished parts, assembling, polishing and fitting the upholstery – are all carried out by CGM internal workforce, using high-tech machinery.

Although the models shown below are pre-designed, CGM Piano Stools can be custom made offering you a choice of the style of bench or stool, the mechanical fitting of the legs, the mechanism and the type of finish.

CGM Videos: A peek in the Factory

CGM di Corengia Giuseppe - piano benches and stools
CGM di Corengia Giuseppe - Passion Inside - piano benches and stools
CGM di Corengia Giuseppe - How is made - piano benches and stools
CGM di Corengia Giuseppe - Our technology - piano benches and stools
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CGM Videos: The Mechanism

NG12 piano benches - part 1
NG12 piano benches - part 2
NG13 CAP piano benches - part 1
NG13 CAP piano benches - part 2
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CGM offers a range of over 50 models, including benches, stools, music stands and sheet music cabinets.

Moreover, customers’ can choose between three types of mechanical fittings:

– Standard

– Special

– HT 3

Thanks to the three exclusive and innovative systems, many CGM stools and benches can be manufactured with removable legs.

Regarding polishing, CGM offers three finishes:

– Direct-gloss finishes with polyurethane

– Direct-gloss finishes with polyester

(both using a robotised system)

Polyester hand-gloss finishes in which the felt polishing of the pieces is carried out manually, by experienced craftsmen.

All the models in production are normally made of beech; however per your request they may be made of walnut, mahogany, rosewood, teak, cherry, elm, oak or ash.

The padded seats are available in ecopel, leather imitation, velvet, microfiber (also with no-fire material, class 1) and leather in the standard colours.

CGM can also supply stool padding covers in a variety of bespoke shades, using personal samples to match with other items in your home. Stools can even be requested to an individual custom design, should you require.


CGM Ready-Made Models


PLEASE NOTE: CGM stools can take 3-8 weeks to arrive depending on availability. 

CGM Custom-Made Stools

Unlike the models above, all of the models below are custom made and ordered with bespoke options chosen by you.

Whether you have a family heirloom piano with a unique wood colour and you are looking for a stool to match, or you simply have a passion for designing your own furniture, CGM Custom Stools are here for you. The CGM factory specialises in producing elegant piano stools of the finest quality tailored especially to the taste of individual customers. The wide variety of stool models offered with fully customisable features guarantees that your choice will always be special and perfectly suited to your beloved playing instrument. All models from the CGM series can be customised by type of wood, wood colour, finish, seat padding, seat material, shape of legs and more.

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