Bentley Silent System

Bentley Silent System

Genio Silent System

The Bentley Silent System can be fitted to any upright Bentley piano. This Bentley Silent system (also known as the GENIO PREMIUM Silent Play System) is made in South Korea. In general silent systems allows you to use your acoustic piano as a digital one. The system itself is composed of small software interface which is connected to a sensor array located below the keys. With the use of headphones you can play without making any noise. The Genio Silent System features a choice of voices and effects as well as becoming an interface to other technology. It also includes computer recording and composition software.

Here at A. Hanna & Sons Pianos Ltd we are proud to be working with Bentley to help spread the word about their excellent pianos through the UK.  The Genio Silent System is fitted to Bentley pianos at the factory stage of production. However, we are also able to fit the Genio Silent System after your purchase of an acoustic Bentley Piano through one of our qualified Piano technicians.  We usually have several Bentley Silent System pianos in our South West London showroom.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call to enquire about further details or to arrange a visit to the showroom. It would be our pleasure to show you around our wide range of new,antique, restored and hybrid pianos with a cup of tea or coffee! The Bentley Silent System is a rival to Yamaha’s Silent Pianos. Like all of Bentley’s products it delivers fantastic value for money, reliability and quality.


  • Universal mute rail, optical key & pedal sensors with 127 velocity level and 5 touch curves.
  • 16 pre set voices (from GM 128 standard voices).
  • 128 note polyphony, 30,000 note recorder.
  • 8 Reverb effects to allow for greater freedom of expression.
  • Transpose function to allow playing with other instruments.
  • Connect via USB, MIDI in/out/thru for external devices or computer recording & composition.


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