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Mr. S Karageorgis
“When I chose a Hanna piano, I had already been playing for a good number of years. I had performed a great deal, on a wide variety of pianos, and I knew what I wanted in an instrument. I was looking for a piano that could give me the tone and range of expression needed to take me up to grade 8 and beyond, and my current model just was not up to it. I went to serveral leading music shops, but nothing I tried seemed to warrant the price they were asking for – a piano is, after all, a lifetime investment. After only a few minutes of playing a Hanna piano, I knew that I had found the sound I was looking for. It was clear and crisp, but not too shrill. The lower end of the keyboard sounded rich without being muddy, and the top octaves were bold and never sounded feeble. The keys had significant weight to them, making it easy to achieve a full range of dynamics on them. It is not hard to make this piano whisper – there is no danger of accidentally playing too loudly. In an instant, however, you can bring the volume up to its full, orchestral potential.
Another attraction for me was the fact that Hanna pianos can come fitted with what is essentially a digital piano inside them. The flick of a lever mutes the acoustic piano, and the digital sound comes through headphones that plug in underneath the keyboard. This allows hours of undisturbed practise with a truly high-quality digital system. It is by far the most realistic digital piano I have played, with regards to both sound and quality and responsiveness to touch. With this system installed, the days of disturbing the neighbours and irritating my family with late-night practise were gone, with no compromise on sound quality and realism.
This really is a lifetime instrument that will keep up with you no matter how far you advance.”

Jenifer Birkett
Piano Teacher
“Dear Chucri, As promised I am sending you an email to say how grateful I am for the service you gave my Schimmel grand piano on Saturday. You have brought my piano back to its wonderful former glory with the utmost care and attention and as a result of playing it after your good work, I had tears in my eyes!! Your customer service is par excellence and I thank you so much. I look forward to seeing you again for my usual six month tuning.”

Einar Johannesson
From Iceland
“Dear Fadi, Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your services regarding the Neumeyer piano. Even the tuning is holding in spite of the ongoing volcanic eruption!…”

Google Reviews
“Friendly and knowledgeable staff, and always a very pleasant experience. I bought a piano from Hanna & Sons a year ago, and then moved house recently. The owner of the business (Mr Hanna) was very happy to arrange every detail to make sure that my piano was moved safely and properly re-tuned afterwards. I would highly recommend A. Hanna & Sons Pianos to anyone :)”

Luke Walker
Google Reviews
“I initially went into their piano shop clueless about which piano to buy because there are so many makes and brands but they were really helpful in showing me around and letting me play on the pianos and get a feel for them and help me decide the best one for me. Their piano tuning service and delivery was also great. Would definitely recommend them.”

Lucy Ashby
Deputy Head Teacher – Holy Trinity CE Primary School
“Dear Fadi, Thank you so much for delivering our wonderful new piano so swiftly, we hugely appreciated it. It was a real pleasure meeting you, thank you so much for being so kind and enabling us financially to purchase the Yamaha. It sounded superb in our concert and the children were so excited! The parents and staff are also immensely grateful. You have made our Christmas!”

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